This is the documentation for all of the weird and wonderful APIs exposed by things at EMF.

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If you know of an API that isn’t documented here please let us know, or raise a pull request to add it. If you’re on a widescreen device, the links on the side of every page to edit, create or raise an issue may be helpful.

To get support and chat about these APIs, join us in the #emfcamp-developer IRC channel on Libera Chat, or in on Matrix. These channels are bridged together, so you won’t miss out on anything whichever you choose.

Attendee-run APIs

Attendee-run APIs that don’t get a mention elsewhere

Bar data

Opening times, live stock, prices and sales data for the Bar and Cybar.


(TODO) The EMF Map

MQTT broker

An on-site MQTT broker, for all of your real-time data

Statistics (Grafana)

Human-friendly dashboards and computer-friendly APIs for EMF stats.

Talks Schedule APIs

Endpoints for the full talk schedule, upcoming films at Stage C, and current & next talks on each stage.

Transcription feeds

Real-time talk transcription feeds from stage audio.

Villages API

A straightforward API publishing simple information about EMF’s villages.

Weather over MQTT

Live data from EMF’s own weather station.

Wiki (semantic-mediawiki)

Using the Semantic MediaWiki API on